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Seyhun ACAR Fotoğraf

Seyhun ACAR

I was born in Ankara in 1981, but I have been living in Izmir since 1985. I got into the Mechanical Technician Department of Dokuz Eylül University. During my education, I realized that this was not my dream.

After many years of experience in the field of sales and marketing, it was 2016 when I met the real estate sector. Now when I look back, I think that I wish I had started much earlier. I would not even imagine that after so many years of doing my job with love, I would go back to my undergraduate education, but this time in the Department of Real Estate and Property Management.

2017-2019 dönemi boyunca üst üste ‘En Fazla Brüt Hizmet Bedeli Üreten’ danışman listesinde birincilikler elde ettim. Bu süreç içerisinde İzmir Ticaret Odası Bornova Temsilciliği’ni yürütmek önemli önceliklerim arasında yer aldı. Bunun yanı sıra emlak danışmanlığı mesleğine değer katan, gelişim ve eğitim odaklı vizyoner girişimcilerin bir araya geldiği öncü sivil toplum kuruluşu TÜGEM’de yönetim kuruluna bağlı olarak İzmir İl Başkan Yardımcılığı görevini yerine getirmekten onur ve gurur duyuyor
From 2017 through 2019, I had first place in the list of consultants 'Producing the Most Gross Remuneration'. In this process, executing the duty of Bornova Representative of the Izmir Chamber of Commerce was among my important priorities. Also, I am proud and proud to fulfill the duty of Izmir Provincial Vice President of the leading non-governmental organization TÜGEM, which brings together progress and education-oriented visionary entrepreneurs who add value to the real estate consultancy profession. The endeavor to make our profession one of the most respected professions in our country continues at full steam. Success is such a passion that I have woken up with the same excitement every day since I started this business. I decided to create my own brand by bringing together all my experiences under one roof. In this process, by observing the shortcomings in the sector, as well as customer demands and needs, I envisioned a company beyond being just a real estate company, and devised the 360 marketing system; consequently, the brand Masse360 came into existence. Masse

In life, you first create the difference, and then you make a difference.

Sales is a relationship process and I am responsible for guiding you in the right direction and enabling you to profit. My goal is not to make one-off earnings, but to gain a REPRESENTATION POWER for the future. I do not doubt that our road will cross someday.

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